Test Channel: 1.118 RC3.5.1 | Stable Channel: 1.117 RC3.5.1

Welcome to MoH:AA 1.12 Reborn Project Site!

What is Reborn?

Reborn is the unofficial 1.12 patch for Medal of Honor Allied Assault (MOHAA).  It functions as a server-side patch which fixes several known exploits players can use to hack, crash servers, or ruin the game for others.  Reborn is also developing a client-side patch which will add new features such as server-initiated file downloads, checking players for unauthorized mods in stock mode (requiring players to play without custom mods), and more!  Servers that run the Reborn patch are uncrashable and feature additional protections from invasive attacks including flooding.  Reborn contains anti-wallhack features, contains anti-crash features, adds new event systems which can be used for mods, adds a new voting system, and more.  For a complete list of features, check out the Features page under Information section.  Reborn is here to return the control over MOHAA servers to administrators, the way servers were designed to be administrated.  The Reborn patch is in constant development and has reached several significant milestones.  If you are still not running Reborn, your servers are open to attack and abuse.  Get the Reborn Patch today and help the MOHAA community flourish!

Why did you call it Reborn?

The answer is simple:  We believe that this patch will attract new players and enhance the Medal of Honor community.  The Reborn patch has been designed to make MOHAA more attractive and fun for all players.

Unlike other projects, the Reborn patch project is in constant development and several versions have already been released!

We welcome anyone in the MOHAA community to help us develop this patch!  Everyone is invited to participate, leave feedback, ask for help, or even join the development team if they are knowledgeable enough.

We have been working on this patch since 2010 and have released several stable versions of the patch which are in use by over 100+ MOHAA servers!

Without the help of others, we never would have made it this far!  Help contribute today by visiting our forums!

The Reborn patch source code is based on samples created by the fabled Reloaded project.  Also, the Reborn patch contains code from the old xNULL project, which reverse engineered the game engine along with various mods.  We would like to thank everyone for their devotion to those projects, as we would have had to start from scratch without their contributions.

From Players For Players

Reborn is developed by players all around the world!  We're all MOHAA players!

In our opinion, MOHAA is the best game ever!  We think it's a shame that EA never tried to patch or fix this game.  As a result, we decided to take action and make MOHAA better for everyone, because we simply love it!

We hope that our final patch release will be used by all players and server owners.

About the Patch

We are working to add cool, new features to MOHAA.  We are also fixing bugs and exploits which have been discovered by the MOHAA community.  We aim to implement efficient and effective anti-cheat server-side features that will protect players from cheaters.

Reborn already provides anti-cheat features which function server-side.  This means that cheaters cannot bypass our new protections!  Of course, not everything can be done through the server-side.  Inevitably, some of the features will need to be coded for a client-side release.  The project is divided into a server-side patch and a client-side patch.


The Reborn 1.12 patch has been released for both Windows and Linux servers!


If you are MOHAA/SH/BF/PA fan, modder, programmer, player, server admin, or a person interested in this project, join us by visiting our forum, because as we said - this is a community project where everyone is welcome!

Razo[R]apiD/Chris #2/OwN-3m-All & Dev Team