About Project & Credits

This project was started as xNULL project some time ago as the follower of MoH:AA Reloaded project. Due to lack of support and time, developers had to drop it, but now it's Reborn with new power and enthusiasm.
We gave it a new name, but we use old hosting site and some of the old sources from both previous projects.
Thats why we have a lot of people, from earlier projects and current one, who deserve to be mentioned as they have put a lot of work and effort to create some decent patch.
It doesn't matter if they have succeeded or failed, because as we said few lines above - we are using some of theirs work.

The MoH:AA 1.12 Reborn Project right now is too young and fresh to say who deserves to be mentioned in the credits. However, there are some people who have already done so many for the game and in some way for this patch, so we decided to mention them here.

First of all we all should thank James who saved old xNULL project from rotting and collapsing and brought the idea of restarting it as a final try in MoH:AA fixing. He made a lot of fixes for the game, did a lot of game engine reversing, invented a lot of original ways for fighting with cheaters

The rest won't be in any special order or something, because that doesn't really matter.


wombat - for creating 1st version of gamex and cgamex wrapper, reversing game engine, fixes
elgan - for his admin pro, many game fixes, updated gamex wrapper, Admin&Banning System
heiko - for 1st linux version of gamex wrapper, reversing game engine, first version of AntiWH code/concept
rookie_one - for game fixes, OpenMOHAA project
vuurvlieg - for reversing game engine, development of prev xNULL patch
electrickrypt - for reversing game engine, development of prev xNULL patch
klownterfit - for reversing game engine, development of prev xNULL patch
macpunk - for reversing game engine, development of prev xNULL patch
jv_map - for great amount of game mods, game fixes, game addons
okidoki - for huge amount of work on reversing game engine, a lot of help and knowledge about MoH:AA game, for sharing with his source code and for his cgamex base
hummingbird - for helping with the current patch code, sharing source code etc.
JoTo - a lot of help with testing, ideas, code fixes, has been with the project from the beggining, for his 3rd party tools, support and more
Creaper - for sharing with his dedicated box, without it we couldn't progress with the patch and be where we are now

Razo[R]apiD/Chris #2 - for his active development, research, huge amount of time spent on debugging and writing the actual patch as he's the main developer of current team, he wouldn't do anything without the help of people listed above

and many many more. We didn't finish this list, and we have another not even started - the one with people who helped us in tests, bug finding, whole ideas&suggestions team etc.
so more will come soon!