Reborn 1.12 Feature List

Fixed Bugs and Crashes:

Server-side Anti-Cheat System

Anti Wallhack

The anti-wallhack feature works through the server-side and prevents players from wallhacking!  It does NOT disable wallhacks that the client is using.  Instead, it makes hacks almost useless by recoding the map walls to prevent see-through.  The anti-wallhack technology used in the patch works by preventing players from receiving any information about other players that are not directly visible.  Players behind a wall are not visible.  Thanks to this feature, players cannot be rendered behind walls.

This method can't be bypassed by clients and blocks every kind of wallhack, including cham skins.

Anti NoRecoil

When a player is using a NoRecoil cheat, his weapon doesn't kick up (also known as recoil) when fired.  This feature emulates recoil server-side when any player fires a weapon rending NoRecoil cheats nonfunctional. 

Anti Shoot Through Wallhack

When a player attempts to shoot through a wall, Reborn blocks his bullet, making the cheat useless.

Banning System

IP Banning

With Reborn, you can ban IP addresses with a simple command.  You may use wildcards to ban IP ranges.  With this feature, you don't need to run an external application for kicking people.  Reborn adds true ban functionality that prevents banned players from connecting to the server.

Name Banning

Allows you to ban players based on certain names to prevent rude or offensive names.

Chat Filter

Prevent messages that contain inappropriate words.  If a player uses a filtered word in his chat more than three times, he is kicked!

Sub-Admin System

Create sub-admin accounts (which can be configured to use custom usernames and passwords for each administrator) with different permissions.  Sub-admins can manage servers via the game console limited to their account permissions.

New Voting System

Voting in MOHAA was never secure and sparsely used.  That's why we have re-written it.  Now you can specify which commands players can use when voting and which maps they can vote for.  When a vote is cast, the system will broadcast a graphical message to all players with information about the current vote including vote percentage, the command, and when the vote will expire.


IP Limiter

You can set a limit on how many connections can be initialized from the same IP address.  You can decide how many people from one IP address can join your server.

High Ping Kicker

You can turn on an auto-kick option for players who have a ping higher than a value you set.

AutoUpdate Launcher/Engine

The reborn patch auto-updates when a new version is released when a map is changed or reloaded on the server!