First of all, we would like to thank everyone for all of their support!  We really really appreciate how you want, try, and do help us in every possible way to make this project successful.

Reborn is offered as freeware, and we don't typically ask for donations.  However, upon receiving suggestions from the community, we have decided to accept donations should you wish to contribute.  We've decided to split donations into two parts.

If you'd like to donate to Razo[R]apiD for his major contributions to the patch, use the donations form below.  Razo[R]apiD often spends 8 hours or more a day working on the patch.  He's doing this in his free time, even on holidays, while most of us rest.  He has not asked for donations, but we would like to reward his devotion.

The Donations Button Below is to Help Pay for Hosting

This site, project, forums, and everything else would not exist without James who is our project founder.  He started it all and he is the owner of this website and hosting.  His efforts to fix MOHAA has brought us here, and we are very thankful.  By donating to help pay for our hosting costs, you will be assisting us with the development of Reborn!

Please remember - we don't ask for money. Reborn is a non-commercial project.  We really appreciate any support you can give us to finish and promote this project.

Thank You !